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Benefits of Kung Fu Training for Men


Regardless of a man’s current physical shape or what he does in the world, it’s important that he is at the height of his abilities, mentally and physically.  Martial arts can provide the fine tuning that is needed to be successful in many aspects of life.  Here are a few of the beneficial rewards that men and boys can gain from training in the traditional art of kung fu.

Physical Fitness

Throwing punches and kicks for extended periods of time simply cannot be matched by other forms of exercise.  While you can’t build the same amount of muscle when compared to lifting weights, you definitely can’t push your body to the limit like you do in martial arts with a barbell or a dumbbell.


Martial arts will increase your coordination, strength, and flexibilty, all while getting to know your body (and mind) better.

Confidence and Humbleness

This benefit is a direct result of knowing how to spar.  When you know in the back of your mind that you’re prepared to defend yourself if trouble should arise, a sense of self-assuredness will surface.


This confidence is real and can’t be matched by cheap tricks like affirmations or ego-boosting.  Learning kung fu with a good teacher can transform the way you think.  You may go in with one mindset and come out a completely different person.  If there’s any common trait observed in good martial artists, it's humbleness.

Discipline and Mental Coordination
Setting Goals

When training in kung fu, your persistence will be challenged time and time again.  There are moments during every workout when you may question your ability to continue or complete a particular drill.


By constantly pushing yourself past these points of exhaustion, you build a tolerance to your instinct to quit.  This tolerance translates to other areas of your life and allows you to persist past the point where lesser men would give up and fail.


Many men face this reality and quit before getting started. If you fight this impulse and push on, you’ll expand your comfort zone, something that always pays off across all areas of your life.

Community and Friendship

You’d be amazed at how friendly the people are.


At California Martial Arts, we are proud to call each one of our students a member of our kung fu family.  You will find an endless amount of support and encouragement from your kung fu brothers and sisters.  You will learn that this improves confidence and self esteem in a way you may have never known before!

Practicing martial arts builds body, mind, and spirit discipline.

Self-discipline is an essential component of martial arts, for it helps you maintain control over yourself and your environment.  It teaches you to handle emotions, stay calm, be persistent and helps you achieve the willpower to stay focused and accomplish your goals in martial arts, and in other aspects of your life as well.

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