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Tiny Tigers

Our Tiny Tigers Program for our youngest students emphasizes life skills such as focus, control, manners, respect, and basic martial arts skills such as balance, coordination, and developing strength in an environment that promotes discipline and effort.


Tiger Leadership Program


Our Tigers Leadership program is for children looking to challenge themselves in discovering the furthest of their abilities.  With the introduction to weapons, forms and higher level training, students have a developed sense of responsibility, work ethic, and drive.  The classes are designed to encourage the students to thrive while channeling their energy in a focused manner.


The goal for all our programs is to create a community where our students can flourish and enjoy the challenging journey that is traditional kung fu.


Ready To Join?


If you are interested in becoming part of our family, please call us or register online so we can set up a time to get to know you, take you on a tour, and also give you a private lesson so you can see if we are the right academy for you.


We are also currently offering a free 1 month trial so students can find out if martial arts is truly right for them.  Join our Kung Fu family today!