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Farewell to the Morgan Family

One of our long-time families, the Morgans, have concluded their kung fu journey with us and moved out east. Cameron and Alexander began their training almost 3 years ago in September of 2010 at the ages of 6 & 3.

Mr. Valdez began guiding them through their foundation training and when I took over their tutelage, I bonded to them right away. It was easy for my heart to embrace Cameron with his intelligent questions, bright smile and warm personality, and Alexander with his strong work ethic, random funny comments and gung ho attitude.

The parents, Grant & Jennifer Morgan, have been great supporters of our academy and made us feel that they truly appreciated our teachings. When they also began training in our adult classes, it became clear where Cameron and Alexander got their indomitable spirit and athleticism.

The day Mrs. Morgan told me they would be leaving, my heart sank, but I was also excited to hear about their new journey. Understanding the wonderful opportunity Mr. Morgan was presented with, it was clear the family's talents were not only being recognized, but also being used with great goals in mind.

I was given the opportunity to work with Cameron and Alexander privately during their last few months and it has been very rewarding. Although there were days during their years of training when we needed to focus more on life skills, it was a blessing to feel like I was having a positive influence in their lives. The enduring image that will always play in my mind when I think of them is seeing one brother give a big hug to the other when they earn a merit badge. It's moments like these that reinforce the reasons why I love teaching kung fu.

So although our time together has come to an end, it is also with a happy heart knowing the path through their next journey is very bright.

We will miss you Grant, Jennifer, Cameron and Alexander!

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